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Happy Monday!

This weekend the hubby and I had quite the weekend! Everything from working in the yard to our hallway closet (more on that tomorrow) was on the honey-list! :)Another big item was to find fabric to reupholster my office chairs in.

I have a home office, and it is the first thing you see when you walk in our font door. Currently I have two large wingback chairs that are painted blue. When I say blue I mean… blue. Think smurf blue plus a little bit of that perfect Caribbean water blue… that would be my chairs. I got them for a bargain, but my husband hates them! I think he hates that it’s the first thing you see when you come in the door most.

Let me introduce you to High Fashion Home. For any home decorator/interior decor lover this store is your match! It’s 4 floors of every piece of furniture from modern to vintage and each floor contains rows and rows of bolts of fabric! I think we left there with enough swatches to make a small quilt, but I couldn’t stop! Swatches for possible drapes in the living room and our bedroom, accent pillows for our game room and yes, swatches for my chairs.

So, now the decision making begins. Do I want both chairs to be all one fabric, or do I want them to be a combination of fabrics? Do I want traditional or modern chairs? All of my office furniture is white with grey and white boxes to keep me organized. I have pink and coral accents so I want my chairs to be pretty neutral. Here’s a peek into a few of the swatches I snapped images on this weekend and a couple of chairs that I love.

Now… I just need to make a decision.

In Him,

Take a Seat Blog Post chair Upholstry

Let’s Face It

On my calendar for today I had to remind you all to continue voting throughout the weekend. My company, Christina Leigh Events, is up for Best Wedding Planner in Oklahoma and Best New Wedding Planner in Texas, but on a day like today taking two seconds to vote seems irrelevant.

Let’s face it, there are people who need those two seconds as a prayer.

To the people in my home state of Oklahoma who are remembering the day 18 years ago that the Oklahoma City bombing took 168 lives and injured over 680 people my thoughts and prayers are right there with you.

To those of you in West, Texas who are still searching for loved ones, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Just a couple of weeks ago I stopped in West for lunch on my way to Ft. Worth and can’t imagine what the town that was so busy that day is experiencing now.

How can we forget what is taking place in Boston. Starting Monday with news that 2 bombs took lives and injured many at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, to waking up today with reports that one of the suspects had been shot and the other is still on the loose, is chilling.

No matter what the event whether it be 18 years ago or  this week we must all remember that love always wins. There are always the people to run into the rubble to aid in time of need and there are always those of us who can’t be there, but send our many, many prayers from a far.

So, no matter where you are please take a few seconds to pray for anyone affected by the evil in the world, and remind others that the Lord is right there and love always wins.

I’m signing off for a social media free weekend to enjoy it with my husband and the things in life that matter most. Happy weekend friends.

In Him,

Christina frederick Blog Love Always Wins

Back Ground Print


I love minted., but who doesn’t love beautiful paper? Currently they are doing a wedding inspiration board challenge, and I absolutely love this fun ombre invitation to create a board around!

Right now I am obsessed with the color orange and incorporating oranges into the design (see my recent CLEvents post HERE). The cake and centerpieces fit the decor perfect, and these ombre ribbons would be perfect for a ceremony backdrop. Let’s face it, this bride is picture perfect and I love this entire look.

I know this is my personal blog, but let’s face it I am addicted to weddings so today I am sharing wedding inspiration with you via minted. 🙂 Head over to minted. to create a board of your own HERE.

I’ll be back to my life outside of work soon, but for wedding fun every day I’d love for you to follow my business blog Christina Leigh Events.

In Him,

untitled 1 by Christina , see more modern Minted wedding invitations

untitled 1 board by Christina . See more modern Minted wedding invitations

Happy Birthday Remi!

Today is a very special day! Today is Little Miss Remi’s birthday!

Growing up I had big dogs, we’re talking a Rottweiler, German Shepherds, a Lab and a mutt that had great dane in her. So, when Blair and I started talking about getting a puppy and how this one would need to travel I was in foreign territory. Enter Sandra Lamgo of Lamgo Farms. I must have asked more questions than the most talkative kid in a 4th grade classroom, but Sandi was great! She answered every question, bell trained little Remi and crate trained her for her big arrival at home!

The night Blair and I picked her up she slept 6 hours without a peep in her crate, has only had 1 accident in the house and has given more love and kisses than any puppy I have ever owned. Remi is an absolute joy and loves everyone she meets. She sleeps in our bed (only slept in her create for a little over a week) and roams the house while we are gone, We could not have asked for a better puppy!

Thank you Lamgo Farms for breeding the best petite goldendoodle I have ever had! She is perfect!

So this big wish is for our precious little girl. Happy first birthday Remi! Dad and I love you! (I can only imagine how bad this is going to be when we have real children.)

In Him,

Happy Birthday Remi

Happy Monday

Wow! What an amazing weekend!

Saturday I spent my day with my Miss Oklahoma family, and what an amazing group of women vying for the titles of Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen this June! Saturday night I had dinner with sweet Katie to talk about all of the plans the Lord has for us and what he is revealing! What an awesome God we serve!

Sunday it was back to Texas and the hubby and I had a relaxing afternoon and fun day just the two of us!

Now Monday is here and I’m sharing a very special part of me over on my Christina Leigh Events blog. Below is a peek at what you have to look forward too, and I would love for you to CLICK THIS LINK and read it there.

I will normally share  personal stories on this blog, but this one is wedding related and I thought it fit best there. I didn’t want to copy and paste, but I would love for you to check it out. While you’re there look around, I hope you’ll find some wedding or event inspiration you love.

In Him,

Christina Leigh Frederick Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Planner

Happy Weekend

Can I tell y’all how excited I am? I am headed back to Tulsa for a little over 24 hours! 24 hours is not that long… but it is! Here are the things I get to look forward to:

1. I get to see my mom! My mom is my absolute best friend! They say the older you get the more you realize how amazing your parents truly are; this is so true! More on that in a later post.

2. I get to work! Last weekend CLEvents kicked off a fabulous wedding season in Ft. Worth, TX with Alex and Chance (I am in love with their wedding photos from Nine Photography!) and it made me so grateful for what I do. Every time I get to work I consider it a huge blessing to be able to bless others!

3. I get to volunteer! I was involved in the Miss America Organization for 3 years and what a fabulous 3 years it was. While I was never crowned the winner of a state pageant the Oklahoma pageant system has a place in my heart that I can’t fill with anything else. The board of directors and every volunteer touches the life of so many young women each and every year that when I was asked to volunteer for the state board I had no hesitation! This weekend is Contestant’s Day and I can’t wait to see the Miss and Teen contestants ready to compete for the state titles in June!

4. I get to have dinner with Katie! For those of you who don’t know Katie is pretty awesome! She not only blogs for CLEvents for Wedding Wednesday’s, but she has a pretty amazing blog herself. Katie and I have been blog friends for quite awhile, but when she sent me a message almost a year ago to sit down for coffee we instantly clicked! God has laid a lot on both of our hearts and this weekend we finally get to catch up! Oh how I can’t wait for our dinner date!

5. I get to see Georgia! Georgia is my second hand for our Tulsa Cattle Barron’s Ball committee (more on that on another post), but we have some pretty fun things planned for this year and we get to put that into action!

In addition to all of that fun I have to decide where to eat. When I head back to Tulsa I guess you could say all diets are off. With places like Braum’s, Taco Bueno, Rib Crib, Los Cabos, El Chico (I love Mexican food), McNellie’s and so many more that are not in Houston it’s hard to decide.

All in all I am pretty excited to jump on a plane this afternoon! What a huge blessing it is to work in two states and be surrounded by so many amazing people! And, because a blog post is not complete without a picture here’s a snapshot of my last year of competing in the Miss Oklahoma pageant.

In Him,


A New Day A New Blog

For those of you who know me know that I own Christina Leigh Events, a full service Wedding and Event Planning and Design company. I LOVE my job! I LOVE the Lord and I wanted a place to get a little more personal with you all. I wanted to start a new blog to share a little more of my heart and what I share a love for outside of pretty weddings and events.

So here you have it, my first blog post!

I have been known to miss posting on past personal blogs, but it’s a new day and a new blog. I promise to post. It may not be every day at first, but I am praying through. I am letting God take the reigns and I am  letting Him lead my steps as I use this platform to better glorify Him.

On days like today I simply want to share how wonderful the Lord is! I have had a big project on my heart lately, and this morning I received an email (from “Christina” – yes, my name! Different address, different company!) relating to that project specifically without any prior knowledge of it! I’ve never met this Christina and I have only shared my heart for this project to a few people. While I am not sure where to go from here right now I know that God is doing His mighty work and I can’t wait to share with you more!

In Him,

Christina Frederick Blog