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Little BMF is ONE

My little boy is ONE! How in the world did a single year go so fast, yet so slow all at the same time? To be honest I am not sure I remember the first few months, but have plenty of pictures and videos to help!

One thing I knew I wanted was a professional to capture for little guy on his first birthday, and I could not have been more trilled when I received the images from Courtney Leigh Photography. Courtney not only captured our sweet little family, but Barrett’s little personality and all of his little furry friends.  

You are a spunky, fearless, contagiously happy little boy sweet Barrett and if I know any one thing it is that I am right where I am suppose to be. You not only made me a “mama” but made me a better person. I have learned a new level of multitasking, new ways to get ready in under 5 minutes, how to minimize wardrobe changes (for the both of us) and how to keep my eyes open for the God winks.

Thank you for everything you are and all that you are making me! Let’s do this year two!

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