On my calendar for today I had to remind you all to continue voting throughout the weekend. My company, Christina Leigh Events, is up for Best Wedding Planner in Oklahoma and Best New Wedding Planner in Texas, but on a day like today taking two seconds to vote seems irrelevant.

Let’s face it, there are people who need those two seconds as a prayer.

To the people in my home state of Oklahoma who are remembering the day 18 years ago that the Oklahoma City bombing took 168 lives and injured over 680 people my thoughts and prayers are right there with you.

To those of you in West, Texas who are still searching for loved ones, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Just a couple of weeks ago I stopped in West for lunch on my way to Ft. Worth and can’t imagine what the town that was so busy that day is experiencing now.

How can we forget what is taking place in Boston. Starting Monday with news that 2 bombs took lives and injured many at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, to waking up today with reports that one of the suspects had been shot and the other is still on the loose, is chilling.

No matter what the event whether it be 18 years ago or  this week we must all remember that love always wins. There are always the people to run into the rubble to aid in time of need and there are always those of us who can’t be there, but send our many, many prayers from a far.

So, no matter where you are please take a few seconds to pray for anyone affected by the evil in the world, and remind others that the Lord is right there and love always wins.

I’m signing off for a social media free weekend to enjoy it with my husband and the things in life that matter most. Happy weekend friends.

In Him,

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  1. Girl, you are speaking to my heart right now! And I’m sharing this on my blog sometime soon, absolutely gorgeous!

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