It’s time for my yearly planner! Yes, you heard me correct. Today is the launch of the 2023-2024 Academic Yearly layout (August 2023 – July 2024) planners from Simplified, a brand by Emily Ley.

I have been a Simplified planner girl for years, I’m certain it’s more than a decade. I found Emily the year after she sold laminated planners and the simplicity of that first planner sold me. It is the commitment from the Simplified Team to that same simplicity, with a whole new flair, that keeps me coming back!

I have a few tips and insights in this post and hope you find it helpful for today’s launch!

First thing is first, lets talk about the different planner options:
1. The DAILY planner. This layout dedicates a full page to every day of the year, although Saturday and Sunday do share a page. It offers a monthly spread for each month and you can get a DAILY planner in a coil bound format with beautiful pattern options.
2. The WEEKLY planner. This layout dedicates a double page layout to an entire week. The WEEKLY layout can be found with the beautiful book bound, patterned WEEKLY planners as well.
3. The DAPPER DESK planner. While this planner option doesn’t necessarily have the new patterns painted on it’s cover the beautiful leatherette options have held my heart for the past few years. You can find the blue and fawn leatherette options in both a daily and a new weekly format!

You will also find the TEACHER PLANNER, a hanging wall calendar, notebooks, pens, pouches, teach cases and more!

Now for what I know you all are here for, what am I choosing you ask? Let me share!

After going from the weekly planner, to the daily planner (oh hey, babies entered the chat), then to the daily Dapper Desk (hello sleek and professional) I am gunning for that beautiful blue weekly Dapper Desk this year! The vertical weekly layout is screaming for me to switch it up, yet keep with my same rhythm of starting a new calendar in August.

I also hope to grab a new amazing pen clip (genius) and since the Dapper Desk doesn’t come with a sticker sheet I’ll be grabbing the new Blush Magnolia sticker sheet.

A few notes for shopping:
1. I linked all of the items above, including the amazing Dapper Desk bundles, yesterday before the site when down for launch. My hope is that when it comes back up the links won’t be broken. If they are I will try to fix them as soon as possible, but rumor on the street says is you’re looking at the new weekly Dapper Desk like I am you need to be there right at launch.
2. Speaking of launch it is 10:00am ET / 9:00am CT / 7:00am PT
3. I have linked the main SIMPLIFIED SITE HERE for a straight link to all things new, but if you are shopping for the first time and would like $15 off of your first order – I would be honored if you used my give $15, get $15 LINK FOUND HERE.

I will also note that while this launch is for the ACADEMIC (August – July) layout, the YEARLY (January – December) layout planners – in the same beautiful patterns and designs – will launch later this year!

I would love to know if you are a Simplified fan, if you’re trying Simplified for the first time or if you are making notes for your purchase later this year! Chime in below!

To see last years picks CLICK HERE.


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