Growing a team can be exciting, but if you’re not quite sure where to begin it can be very intimidating! I’m so excited to help you recruit, onboard your new team members and answer the question, “now what?!” This page is for those ready to grow their team and start training on how to help others grow along side with them. Remember when it comes to team building; this is NOT for everyone and getting a NO is okay!! According to the law of averages the more you talk to the more quality you will find. This section is for those ready to get uncomfortable. Ready?

Where do I start?

Are you stuck? Can you not find the words? We have a great resource to help you get over the conversation hump!

seal the deal

You’ve had the conversations, you think your new team member is ready but need help sealing the deal!


congratulations! Your team is growing!

You have a team member: Now what

Congratulations! You have a new team member! “What’s next,” you ask? Think link might just help!