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Christina FrederickChristina Frederick

Christina Frederick

Hello! I am Christina! Welcome to my team! I am either your mentor, or your Senior Director from Houston, TX!


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Paige ClevelandPaige Cleveland

Paige Cleveland

Meet Paige! She is our founding member from Franklin, TN! We are on her “big, big team!”

Amy LaneAmy Lane

Amy Lane

Meet Amy! She is our Managing Director from Auburn, AL and we are part of her large facebook group: Beautycounter Mission!

Kristin SchriksKristin Schriks

Kristin Schriks

Meet Kristin! She is my direct mentor and our Executive Director from Newnan, GA!

Madison “Madi” SandersMadison “Madi” Sanders

Madison “Madi” Sanders

Madi is a Director from
Kansas City, MO!

Danielle Ehrlich Ramona, CADanielle Ehrlich Ramona, CA

Danielle Ehrlich
Ramona, CA

Chelsea Roy Houston, TXChelsea Roy Houston, TX

Chelsea Roy
Houston, TX

Brandi Urbanik Houston, TXBrandi Urbanik Houston, TX

Brandi Urbanik
Houston, TX

Kate Tucker Kansas City, MOKate Tucker Kansas City, MO

Kate Tucker
Kansas City, MO

Lana BensonLana Benson

Lana Benson

Rachel Lewis Dallas, TXRachel Lewis Dallas, TX

Rachel Lewis
Dallas, TX

Lauren Jones Tulsa, OKLauren Jones Tulsa, OK

Lauren Jones
Tulsa, OK

Erica Kiley Houston, TXErica Kiley Houston, TX

Erica Kiley
Houston, TX

Jennifer Hawkins Tulsa, OKJennifer Hawkins Tulsa, OK

Jennifer Hawkins
Tulsa, OK

Lily Stork Leawood, KSLily Stork Leawood, KS

Lily Stork
Leawood, KS

Bethany BennettBethany Bennett

Bethany Bennett

Shannon Dotson Tulsa, OKShannon Dotson Tulsa, OK

Shannon Dotson
Tulsa, OK

Elena Peden  Houston, TXElena Peden  Houston, TX

Elena Peden
Houston, TX

Cassie Zanovich Tulsa, OKCassie Zanovich Tulsa, OK

Cassie Zanovich
Tulsa, OK

Kelsie Lumadue Austin, TXKelsie Lumadue Austin, TX

Kelsie Lumadue
Austin, TX

Janel BengtsonJanel Bengtson

Janel Bengtson

Kristie Kraus Tulsa, OKKristie Kraus Tulsa, OK

Kristie Kraus
Tulsa, OK

Chism McEntire Nashville, TNChism McEntire Nashville, TN

Chism McEntire
Nashville, TN

Lauren Poey Dallas, TXLauren Poey Dallas, TX

Lauren Poey
Dallas, TX

Brittany McLaughlin Roseland Park, KSBrittany McLaughlin Roseland Park, KS

Brittany McLaughlin
Roseland Park, KS

Nellie Sparkman Overland Park, KSNellie Sparkman Overland Park, KS

Nellie Sparkman
Overland Park, KS