A Honeymoon

As I sit here ready to write, to fill in the blanks of the past few weeks that I have been MIA, I find myself with writers block. So much has happened, but it’s like I don’t know where to start. I guess you could say I have been on a type on honeymoon.

No, I am not talking about the week after you are married and the far away place you visit with your new Mr. or Mrs. However, I am talking about the excitement, love and full out fun that a honeymoon is full of. Time away from being connected to soak in life and listen to God.

My last post was July 1, but so much has happened in the past 30 days. To catch you up let me take you on a little trip through my Instagram. Here we go….

1. I started styling men for J. Hilburn. You can read all about this exciting new venture HERE.

2. I celebrated the Fourth of July with yummy food, my husband and his wonderful family. I baked a cake and even though it didn’t turn out exactly like the picture in the cookbook, it was pretty yummy! The Astros almost won, but we still had a great day celebrating our Independence and all of those who have fought for our freedom!

3. We got our new dresser! Since the Mr. and I were married last September I have come up with a way to overtake almost every place to store clothes in our home. The beautiful dresser has been on our wish list and as a reward for having an awesome spring event season we decided to move forward with the purchase. I love the the look and craftsmanship of the lovely piece, The Mr. loves that he finally has drawers! 🙂

4. I traveled home to Tulsa for awesome meetings with clients, shopping at my favorite little store and saw my pageant family in Okmulgee including the fabulous Miss Oklahoma. She is a precious child of God who will compete for Miss America in September!

5. The Frederick’s traveled to Montana where I got to work from a fabulous back porch under the big blue sky, eat the best nachos in town, play with my nephew and celebrate Blair’s grandmothers 80th birthday and Piper’s (one of our flower girls and Blair’s cousin) 7th birthday! After a lot of cake, and a lot of love, the Mr. and I were able to sneak in a date night before we left Montana.

6. The royal baby way born! I am a sucker for real life fairytales and how perfect are WIlls and Kate. I love Prince George Alexander Louis for a name and send the royal family nothing but love!

7. It was good to be home for a couple of days before we spent the weekend in Dallas.

8. I found out the Christina Leigh Events was named the 7th best event planner in Houston by the Houston A -List, and was reminded how awesome God is!

9. I’m back home in Houston for a few days again. Spending time with my Mr., not having a care in the world and taking time to smell the roses.

10. To end this awesome month I received a review on WeddingWire from a fabulous MOB who has been such a blessing!

Whew! 10 things to sum up 30 days of my life. Along with all of the fun the past 30 days have been I have taken some time to reflex on what makes me happy, what makes me tick and set some goals. I have a few more exciting things happening this week, but will be back to blog on Monday.

I hope you have a “honeymoon” of a weekend this week. I encourage you to turn off social media (I know it is always a challenge for me) and focus on what really matters. Lara Casey explains this concept best in THIS POST.

Happy Honeymooning  y’all!

In Him,


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Happy Monday

Wow! What an amazing weekend!

Saturday I spent my day with my Miss Oklahoma family, and what an amazing group of women vying for the titles of Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen this June! Saturday night I had dinner with sweet Katie to talk about all of the plans the Lord has for us and what he is revealing! What an awesome God we serve!

Sunday it was back to Texas and the hubby and I had a relaxing afternoon and fun day just the two of us!

Now Monday is here and I’m sharing a very special part of me over on my Christina Leigh Events blog. Below is a peek at what you have to look forward too, and I would love for you to CLICK THIS LINK and read it there.

I will normally share  personal stories on this blog, but this one is wedding related and I thought it fit best there. I didn’t want to copy and paste, but I would love for you to check it out. While you’re there look around, I hope you’ll find some wedding or event inspiration you love.

In Him,

Christina Leigh Frederick Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Planner

Happy Weekend

Can I tell y’all how excited I am? I am headed back to Tulsa for a little over 24 hours! 24 hours is not that long… but it is! Here are the things I get to look forward to:

1. I get to see my mom! My mom is my absolute best friend! They say the older you get the more you realize how amazing your parents truly are; this is so true! More on that in a later post.

2. I get to work! Last weekend CLEvents kicked off a fabulous wedding season in Ft. Worth, TX with Alex and Chance (I am in love with their wedding photos from Nine Photography!) and it made me so grateful for what I do. Every time I get to work I consider it a huge blessing to be able to bless others!

3. I get to volunteer! I was involved in the Miss America Organization for 3 years and what a fabulous 3 years it was. While I was never crowned the winner of a state pageant the Oklahoma pageant system has a place in my heart that I can’t fill with anything else. The board of directors and every volunteer touches the life of so many young women each and every year that when I was asked to volunteer for the state board I had no hesitation! This weekend is Contestant’s Day and I can’t wait to see the Miss and Teen contestants ready to compete for the state titles in June!

4. I get to have dinner with Katie! For those of you who don’t know Katie is pretty awesome! She not only blogs for CLEvents for Wedding Wednesday’s, but she has a pretty amazing blog herself. Katie and I have been blog friends for quite awhile, but when she sent me a message almost a year ago to sit down for coffee we instantly clicked! God has laid a lot on both of our hearts and this weekend we finally get to catch up! Oh how I can’t wait for our dinner date!

5. I get to see Georgia! Georgia is my second hand for our Tulsa Cattle Barron’s Ball committee (more on that on another post), but we have some pretty fun things planned for this year and we get to put that into action!

In addition to all of that fun I have to decide where to eat. When I head back to Tulsa I guess you could say all diets are off. With places like Braum’s, Taco Bueno, Rib Crib, Los Cabos, El Chico (I love Mexican food), McNellie’s and so many more that are not in Houston it’s hard to decide.

All in all I am pretty excited to jump on a plane this afternoon! What a huge blessing it is to work in two states and be surrounded by so many amazing people! And, because a blog post is not complete without a picture here’s a snapshot of my last year of competing in the Miss Oklahoma pageant.

In Him,