Personal Time vs. Business Time

Happy Halloween friends!

As I sit here at my desk this morning working away, I know what an exciting evening I have ahead with my husband passing out candy to the little ones of our neighborhood. You see, as a small business owner I have the ability to set my schedule. I pride myself with customer service and attention to detail and to do this I can’t take on everything that comes my way. As a small business owner I  have the ability to fill my schedule to the brim, or to take a limited number of events to leave time for family and filling my days with what matters most. It’s important for me to keep my events manageable, and have time for each and every one of my special brides, grooms and clients.

2014 is almost completely booked, and I only have a handful of openings for the entire year. While this makes me excited to know that my past clients love me so much they have referred me to their friends (Christina Leigh Events has a referral rate of 98% y’all! Talk about a happy dance!), it also makes me sad. It makes me sad to know that I can’t do every wedding, I can’t execute every birthday party, holiday party, anniversary party or event with love. However, in order for me to do my job to the best of my ability I have to say no to packing my schedule with too many things and leave time to fill my heart with what makes me happy.

I pull my inspiration from real life, from my clients love stories and pretty things I see everyday. If I bog myself down I don’t have time to see the pretty in the world and in turn my clients and loved ones are hit the hardest.

Why do I tell you this? Two reasons:
1. I need you to know how I operate. I hope you all understand that I don’t say I’m booked just because I don’t feel like working that weekend. When CLE is booked its because we already have a commitment that we are doing happy dances for, or it’s a blocked time for family. We are booked because we have to balance personal and business time to be successful.

2. I wanted to let you know there are only a handful of dates left for 2014! Wow! There are still 2 full months of 2013 left and I can’t believe I am saying this. With engagement season right around the corner CLE could book 2014 before we even enter a new year. God is good you guys!

Just a few years ago when I found out my prior company was closing I had no clue what to do. God shoved me through a door (more on that later), he didn’t hint, or ask, or even give me a slight tap – He threw me and slammed the door behind me. There was no turning back and He has provided every step of the way! He is truly good!

I hope you understand a little more why CLE is booked when you send an email or call us and hear those words. I don’t like saying “no” (it’s a weakness to want to take it all on and love on everyone), but sometimes I have to in order for me to give my current clients and my family, not to mention myself, the time they deserve to feel special and loved.

Tonight I hope you spend time with your family and make your heart beat for what matters most!
Head over to the CLE Blog for a Happy Halloween message from me there!

In Him,

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A Honeymoon

As I sit here ready to write, to fill in the blanks of the past few weeks that I have been MIA, I find myself with writers block. So much has happened, but it’s like I don’t know where to start. I guess you could say I have been on a type on honeymoon.

No, I am not talking about the week after you are married and the far away place you visit with your new Mr. or Mrs. However, I am talking about the excitement, love and full out fun that a honeymoon is full of. Time away from being connected to soak in life and listen to God.

My last post was July 1, but so much has happened in the past 30 days. To catch you up let me take you on a little trip through my Instagram. Here we go….

1. I started styling men for J. Hilburn. You can read all about this exciting new venture HERE.

2. I celebrated the Fourth of July with yummy food, my husband and his wonderful family. I baked a cake and even though it didn’t turn out exactly like the picture in the cookbook, it was pretty yummy! The Astros almost won, but we still had a great day celebrating our Independence and all of those who have fought for our freedom!

3. We got our new dresser! Since the Mr. and I were married last September I have come up with a way to overtake almost every place to store clothes in our home. The beautiful dresser has been on our wish list and as a reward for having an awesome spring event season we decided to move forward with the purchase. I love the the look and craftsmanship of the lovely piece, The Mr. loves that he finally has drawers! 🙂

4. I traveled home to Tulsa for awesome meetings with clients, shopping at my favorite little store and saw my pageant family in Okmulgee including the fabulous Miss Oklahoma. She is a precious child of God who will compete for Miss America in September!

5. The Frederick’s traveled to Montana where I got to work from a fabulous back porch under the big blue sky, eat the best nachos in town, play with my nephew and celebrate Blair’s grandmothers 80th birthday and Piper’s (one of our flower girls and Blair’s cousin) 7th birthday! After a lot of cake, and a lot of love, the Mr. and I were able to sneak in a date night before we left Montana.

6. The royal baby way born! I am a sucker for real life fairytales and how perfect are WIlls and Kate. I love Prince George Alexander Louis for a name and send the royal family nothing but love!

7. It was good to be home for a couple of days before we spent the weekend in Dallas.

8. I found out the Christina Leigh Events was named the 7th best event planner in Houston by the Houston A -List, and was reminded how awesome God is!

9. I’m back home in Houston for a few days again. Spending time with my Mr., not having a care in the world and taking time to smell the roses.

10. To end this awesome month I received a review on WeddingWire from a fabulous MOB who has been such a blessing!

Whew! 10 things to sum up 30 days of my life. Along with all of the fun the past 30 days have been I have taken some time to reflex on what makes me happy, what makes me tick and set some goals. I have a few more exciting things happening this week, but will be back to blog on Monday.

I hope you have a “honeymoon” of a weekend this week. I encourage you to turn off social media (I know it is always a challenge for me) and focus on what really matters. Lara Casey explains this concept best in THIS POST.

Happy Honeymooning  y’all!

In Him,


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A New Day

It’s a new dawn, a new day… are you singing yet… a new life…. I know you are now… and I’m feelin’ good!

I am so excited the July is here! Summer is in full swing and there are so many exciting things happening! Today I wanted to introduce you to my new venture! J. Hilburn is a custom men’s clothier and I am now a style consultant!

I know you are saying, don’t you own Christina Leigh Events, a wedding planning and design business? What are you doing? Well, let me tell you!

First, my husband is the baby of three boys and the Frederick family has to buy everything custom. They are tall, athletic (my hubby is pretty dreamy) and it’s impossible to find clothes that fit just right. Second, I love my Christina Leigh Events brides, but they only time I get to see their grooms are at their catering tasting or the rehearsal. I am excited to get them in J. Hilburn for their wedding day! Third, I love my friends husbands and the men in my life and I am excited to offer them an awesome new way to dress!

Why am I so excited about men’s clothes? J. Hilburn is the fastest-growing luxury men’s brand, and number one men’s custom shirt maker in the world! Our clothes are made from the finest Italian fabrics and hand constructed for every customer. The J. Hilburn experience is unlike any retail experience in terms of quality, service and value.

There’s no shortage of reasons why men hate shopping (including my Mr.): the crowds, pushy salespeople and overwhelming selection are just the beginning. The J. Hilburn experience is different: it begins with a personal consultation with a style advisor (That’s me!) who gets to know your preferences, takes 10 measurements and helps you build your first shirt from hundreds of high end-fabric choices with personalized details like fit, collar, cuffs, pockets and more.

When they say custom they mean it! The custom options are unbelievable! I have never seen my hubby so excited about clothes!

I know custom shirts are “expensive,” but J. Hilburn shirts are delivered in 3-4 weeks, and prices range from $99-$169. The luxurious fabrics are sourced from internationally renowned Italian mills such as Albini, Liberty of London, Tessitura Monti and Thomas Mason.

Ladies, J. Hilburn has the same fabrics that brands Armani and Zegna do! Neiman Marcus recently had a Zegna shirt for $399 and J. Hilburn had the exact same one, except completely custom, for $139! I am excited about the savings, but it doesn’t stop at shirts. J. Hilburn has trousers, suits, belts, polos and more! Today they debuted their new partnership with J Brand Jeans! Plus, once their measurements are in all you have to do is give me a call to order! Talk about the perfect gift that keeps giving!

Men’s fashion is so much fun, and I am so excited to get my hubby and my CLE grooms, dads, bridal parties and friends looking awesome!

If you want to learn more you can follow me on Facebook! For Tulsa, OK deals and events click here, and for Houston, TX deals and events click here. You can also send me an email to get your appointment set to get your measurements and begin choosing your fabrics for your new, custom wardrobe!

Just send me at email christina dot frederick at jhilburnpartner dot com.

I can’t wait to dress you, or your man!

In Him,

J Hilburn Custom Men's Clothier Style Consultant Christina Frederick

Such a Time As This

If you are not a fan of my business Facebook page then you may have missed the excitement yesterday. 🙂

I could not be more humbled to have received the amazing blessing of being named the Best Wedding planner in the ENTIRE STATE of OKLAHOMA and Best New Wedding Planner in HOUSTON, TEXAS by the Wedding Industry Experts!

If you know me you know I was born and raised in Oklahoma and recently moved to Houston when I married my handsome husband. However, this move and life change didn’t stop me from keeping my home office in Tulsa, OK and opening a new office in Houston, TX. This way I get to keep the best of both worlds. Spend time with my family and friends in Tulsa and expand my business to my new home state. This also allows me to do what I love ten-fold where my heart is!

While Oklahoma is big, and Houston is much larger than Tulsa I know that Christina Leigh Events is just a small part of the wedding and event industry. I consider what I get to call a “job” the biggest blessing and thank the Lord every single day for allowing me to work with brides and clients who are in love with love and celebrating life’s greatest moments! I get to use the talents that God gave me to serve others! Life is about giving, serving and sharing God’s love with others; I get to do that on a daily basis!

So, for Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share with you a little part of me – my love for serving others. Every wedding, baby shower, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary and much more I get to serve. Not only do I get to serve the bride, groom, mother, father, guest of honor or happy couple but I get to serve their guests, their creative teams and every single one that is there to make their event the absolute best and most memorable.

My husband gives me a hard time for not being able to make a decision on my own about what to make for dinner, but as I explained to him I love to make others happy. I can’t make him happy if I cook something he doesn’t like… So there you have it. Whether work or at home I love to serve others and am so thankful I was made for such a time as this! (Esther 4:14)

In Him,

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Take a Seat

Happy Monday!

This weekend the hubby and I had quite the weekend! Everything from working in the yard to our hallway closet (more on that tomorrow) was on the honey-list! :)Another big item was to find fabric to reupholster my office chairs in.

I have a home office, and it is the first thing you see when you walk in our font door. Currently I have two large wingback chairs that are painted blue. When I say blue I mean… blue. Think smurf blue plus a little bit of that perfect Caribbean water blue… that would be my chairs. I got them for a bargain, but my husband hates them! I think he hates that it’s the first thing you see when you come in the door most.

Let me introduce you to High Fashion Home. For any home decorator/interior decor lover this store is your match! It’s 4 floors of every piece of furniture from modern to vintage and each floor contains rows and rows of bolts of fabric! I think we left there with enough swatches to make a small quilt, but I couldn’t stop! Swatches for possible drapes in the living room and our bedroom, accent pillows for our game room and yes, swatches for my chairs.

So, now the decision making begins. Do I want both chairs to be all one fabric, or do I want them to be a combination of fabrics? Do I want traditional or modern chairs? All of my office furniture is white with grey and white boxes to keep me organized. I have pink and coral accents so I want my chairs to be pretty neutral. Here’s a peek into a few of the swatches I snapped images on this weekend and a couple of chairs that I love.

Now… I just need to make a decision.

In Him,

Take a Seat Blog Post chair Upholstry


I love minted., but who doesn’t love beautiful paper? Currently they are doing a wedding inspiration board challenge, and I absolutely love this fun ombre invitation to create a board around!

Right now I am obsessed with the color orange and incorporating oranges into the design (see my recent CLEvents post HERE). The cake and centerpieces fit the decor perfect, and these ombre ribbons would be perfect for a ceremony backdrop. Let’s face it, this bride is picture perfect and I love this entire look.

I know this is my personal blog, but let’s face it I am addicted to weddings so today I am sharing wedding inspiration with you via minted. 🙂 Head over to minted. to create a board of your own HERE.

I’ll be back to my life outside of work soon, but for wedding fun every day I’d love for you to follow my business blog Christina Leigh Events.

In Him,

untitled 1 by Christina , see more modern Minted wedding invitations

untitled 1 board by Christina . See more modern Minted wedding invitations

Happy Monday

Wow! What an amazing weekend!

Saturday I spent my day with my Miss Oklahoma family, and what an amazing group of women vying for the titles of Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen this June! Saturday night I had dinner with sweet Katie to talk about all of the plans the Lord has for us and what he is revealing! What an awesome God we serve!

Sunday it was back to Texas and the hubby and I had a relaxing afternoon and fun day just the two of us!

Now Monday is here and I’m sharing a very special part of me over on my Christina Leigh Events blog. Below is a peek at what you have to look forward too, and I would love for you to CLICK THIS LINK and read it there.

I will normally share  personal stories on this blog, but this one is wedding related and I thought it fit best there. I didn’t want to copy and paste, but I would love for you to check it out. While you’re there look around, I hope you’ll find some wedding or event inspiration you love.

In Him,

Christina Leigh Frederick Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Planner