If you have been to the blog at least once you may know that gifting is a part of who we the at The Helpful Host. With a brand centered around celebrating everyday it is a joy to celebrate others, especially those that pour into our kiddos daily.

Whether you are looking to give one gift to your teacher, or shower them with daily surcee’s we have put together a list of ideas for you below. The biggest takeaway, however, is that most teachers love a handwritten note as the sweetest sentiment when it comes to being thanked.

Ideas we love at The Helpful Host to celebrate our educators:

  • Breakfast – Pair their favorite donut with a note that reads, “Donut you know you’re the best!
  • Flowers – Pair their favorite flower, a few flowers from your garden/the store or a spring potted plant, with a note that reads, “I/We couldn’t have picked a better teacher!
  • Sweets – Pair their favorite candy with a note that reads, “Thank you for being so sweet!
  • Coffee – Pair their favorite coffee, or gift card for coffee with a note that reads, “Thanks a latte!
  • Snack – Pair their favorite snack with a note that reads, “You’re all that and a bag of chips!
  • Drink – Pair their favorite drink with a note that reads, “Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge!

If you are looking for a larger gift for the teachers lunch, or front office we love THIS IDEA we shared last year!

What do you think about the ideas above? Do you have a favorite that isn’t listed? We would love to hear below!

If you’re new around here it might not take you long to realize that I love a good celebration. When it’s a celebration for a well deserving person, or group of people, it makes the fanfare that much more exciting!

From my time in school (I actually went to college to be a secondary math teacher) to now my children’s time in school it has been reaffirmed that teachers truly are the sweetest people in the world. There is one week a year we all get to shower then with love, so why not make it sweet!

I love a big project like this to celebrate every teacher in the building from music to gym class, the counselor and assistant teachers. This fun board was dropped off in the teachers lounge for all to enjoy!

I’ve linked all of the supplies you beed ON AMAZON HERE, but these adorable cookies came from SIFT AND SWIRL in Houston, Texas. I would challenge you to find a local, small business that you could support when gifting to teachers and service people in your area. It’s a win all around!

To create this craft:
1. Grab all of your supplies and lay out your letters on your board for spacing.
2. Punch out the top of your paper cache letters so that you create a cavity to fill with all of your candy.
3. Gorilla glue your letters to your board and let dry.
4. Line your letters with parchment paper. This step is key of you plan to leave any of the candy, fruit. cheese, etc unwrapped.
5. Add your treats! I like to color block so I made sure to space out all of the colors.
6. Top with miniature cookies or embellishments.
7. Don’t forget to sign your board and include any nutrition information that would need to be added.

What do you think? Will you be giving this a try for your teachers this week, or to celebrate the end of the year? Tag @TheHelpfulHost on Instagram if you do!

xo Christina

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