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Wow. What a few weeks I have had! I have been flying back and fourth from Houston to Tulsa and up to Springfield for weddings. I have been prepping, executing and striking awesome CLE events. However, until Monday I did not stop to rest.

Let’s just say that God smacked me upside the head and made me rest. He calls us to rest and His word spells it out very clearly.

In Genesis 2 God creates the seventh day to rest.

In Exodus 20 He reminds is the Sabbath day is to be kept holy. We are to labor 6 days a week, but not on the Sabbath.

God even made time for the Ark to rest on the seventh month and seventeenth day of the month.

There are many  accounts in the bible that the Lord calls His people, and His creations, to rest… but for some reason I thought I could go five weeks with no rest. Five weeks at full speed.

I felt great, my clients, brides and families were happy. I was having the time of my life and loving every minute. This past Sunday the hubs and I drove back to Houston and Monday morning it hit me.

Monday I could barely get out of bed. My throat was on fire. My body was aching. Somehow I managed to get to my desk to work. I took an afternoon nap and when I woke up the landscapers were adding new flower beds in our backyard. I was so excited because this means I can plant pretty new flowers! yea! I still felt miserable and headed back to my desk…

Nothing… they had cut our cable line while adding the flower beds and our house was dead. No email, no internet, no TV! What was I going to do? I had work that needed to be done!

Then it happened, my “ah-ha” moment. I needed to rest. So, for the past 24 hours I have not posted a blog, a picture on instagram, a tweet or Facebook post not because I was busy, but because I was resting. Plain and simple, rest.

This morning I woke up refreshed (I am typing this post from my bed 🙂 ). I am not 100%, but wow! It is amazing what not only rest will do, but it is amazing how refreshed and renewed we feel when we simply listen to what God tells us to do.

So before we welcome summer tomorrow make sure you take time to rest. It’s good for your heart and soul.

In Him,

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  1. Sorry you don’t feel well, but I am so glad you are resting! You have made some BIG things happen the past few weeks, it’s time you gave yourself a break. 🙂