Happy Monday

Wow! What an amazing weekend!

Saturday I spent my day with my Miss Oklahoma family, and what an amazing group of women vying for the titles of Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen this June! Saturday night I had dinner with sweet Katie to talk about all of the plans the Lord has for us and what he is revealing! What an awesome God we serve!

Sunday it was back to Texas and the hubby and I had a relaxing afternoon and fun day just the two of us!

Now Monday is here and I’m sharing a very special part of me over on my Christina Leigh Events blog. Below is a peek at what you have to look forward too, and I would love for you to CLICK THIS LINK and read it there.

I will normally share  personal stories on this blog, but this one is wedding related and I thought it fit best there. I didn’t want to copy and paste, but I would love for you to check it out. While you’re there look around, I hope you’ll find some wedding or event inspiration you love.

In Him,

Christina Leigh Frederick Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Planner


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